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Aviabulevardi I:  09 3540 7000 (8 - 16.30)

Aviabulevardi II: 050 438 2108

Locations & Connections

For those who appreciate internationality, Aviabulevardi is the perfect solution.

Aviabulevardi I and II are in the direct vicinity of the Ring Rail line train station Aviapolis’ north entrance. From Your office You can reach the Helsinki Airport in a matter of minutes and from there the world. By road the adjacent Ring III or E18 take you directly to Vuosaari harbor or St. Petersburg and its over one million inhabitants.

Right next to Aviabulevardi is the world class hotel Clarion and a variety of different activities such as the biggest mall by trade in Finland Jumbo, entertainment center and spa Flamingo, the Aviation Museum with its 80 planes and excellent outdoor trails.

Aviapolis is the fastest growing commercial center in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It hosts over 1000 companies and 35 000 jobs. And due to its excellent connections the working hub will only grow in the following years.


The local trains pass every ten minutes and the distance from Helsinki city center is around half an hour. In addition the Ring Rail Line connects Aviapolis station to the main line so that You can easily transfer from Tikkurila Station to regional trains and from Huopalahti to the Espoo bound local trains. Several bus lines pass a short distance away and Aviabulevardi is easily accessible by car and by bicycle. Parking spaces are almost unlimited to abide to Your and Your customers needs.

Directions to the location

  • The shortest route to the offices is from the north entrance of Aviapolis station.
  • The entrance to Aviabulevardi I is in its courtyard
  • Cycle to work! There are bicycle posts for up to 100 cyclists in the courtyard of Aviabulevardi I and You can wash up in the social spaces of the office building.
  • Your company can lease as many parking spaces as You desire. Parked cars most be equipped with a clearly visible parking permit.
  • In the courtyard You can find three hour parking spaces for Your clients
  • The entrance to Aviabulevardi II will be on Karhumäentie.

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How to arrive by car

How to arrive by public transportation

A Hotel next door

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport

Neighboring the Aviabulevardi Offices is Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport. With its diverse rooms of high standard the hotel simplifies Your company’s operation in many ways and makes visiting You exceptionally easy. The eight-floor-high hotel has 258 astonishingly vast rooms, 12 inspiring conference rooms, the best conference technology in Finland, a Kitchen & Table restaurant and Living Room Bar designed by top chef Marcus Samuelsson as well as a large fitness center and sauna spa.


Phone (renting)

050 438 2108

Visiting Address

Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
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