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Aviabulevardi I:  09 3540 7000 (8 - 16.30)

Aviabulevardi II: 050 438 2108

Hub of expertise

The fastest-growing business location in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the logistical center of Finland, invites You to come, network and succeed.

The Aviabulevardi Offices are located in direct vicinity of the Aviapolis station on the Ring Rail Road to Helsinki Airport. The neighboring hotel Clarion makes connecting with You easy and fluent. For a company that appreciates internationality Aviabulevardi is the perfect solution.

Aviabulevardi II

Address: Karhumäentie 2, 01530 Vantaa
Total size: n. 8 000 m²
Number of floors: 6
Size of office floor: 1 200 m²
Occupancy rate: 100 % - Fully leased
Completed: November 2018
Architect: Soini&Horto

Aviabulevardi I is completed in 2016 and is currently fully leased. Read more about Aviabulevardi I here.

Flexibility of Spaces

A professional’s needs and the interior solutions that support them have developed strongly in the past years. At Aviabulevardi You will get, for Your company, a working environment that adapts to Your changing needs and results in immense operational benefits.

The Future Working Space Barometer, completed by KTI Kiinteistötieto for Skanska, has  a clear message. As many as 91% of the surveyed believe that a by use of a great workspace, company performance can be improved. The majority sees that through spaces and working environments the personnel's ways of acting and working can be influenced, the company image and ability to stand out can be improved, and competitive advantage can be achieved in recruitment and customer relations. All of this can be provided for You at Aviabulevardi.

The spaces in Aviabulevardi are designed with especially sales and specialists in mind and the best thing is the spaces can be altered according to Your wishes so that flexibility, diversity, comfortability and efficiency are achieved according to Your organization’s exact requirements. Supporting the design of Your unique space are Skanska’s real estate experts, the tools we have designed for our customers’ needs, and the network of top professionals we have built. At Aviabulevardi You get diverse and inclusive shared services such as lobby service and shared conference rooms. Functioning shared services result in savings in both space and money as well as greater flexibility for Your company .

Companies in Aviabulevardi I

Professional Spaces designed for commercial use

Regus - Workspaces for everyone

The office hotel Regus operating on the fourth floor of Aviabulevardi I offers flexible workspaces for an hour, day, week, month or even years. Regus offers offices with windows, internal offices, coworking-spaces and virtual offices in varying sizes.

Phone (renting)

050 438 2108

Visiting Address

Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
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