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Reima gets children moving from Aviabulevardi as well

Reima has been a part of Finnish families’ daily life for over 75 years. What Reima might not be known for in Finland is the company’s genuinely international operations. Reima has set itself the goal of getting children around the world moving. The global company employs about 400 people across three different continents, representing nearly 20 nationalities.

Reima moved to the office building A1 in Aviabulevardi in 2017 when looking for new premises for its headquarters operating in Finland. The European unit of Reima’s business moved to office building A2 at the end of 2020. With growth, and a year later, the European unit also moved to Aviabulevardi A1.

Now, about 120 Reima employees work in the Aviabulevardi A1 office building: 70 at the headquarters and 50 in the Europe unit. The headquarters are located on the 2nd floor and the Europe unit operates on the 3rd floor. Reima’s operations are also promoted in Asia and North America units elsewhere.

The new premises were chosen based on their good location

The move to new premises was made because the previous premises were too small for the needs of the growing company. The central location of Aviabulevardi, next to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and just one train stop away, was a significant factor in the decision. The train also serves as commuter traffic, as does the bus line coming from Helsinki city center.

The good location serves Reima’s international, mobile staff. Additional benefits are provided by the Clarion hotel next to the office building for overnight stays and organizing larger events.

The staff who commute by car also appreciate the accessibility. Representatives of the expert organization arrive at their workplace from different parts of Southern Finland and the Helsinki metropolitan area.

– The location of Aviabulevardi is practical. The advantages of the office building include accessibility and the adequacy of parking spaces, says Mari Shemeikka, Reima’s HR Manager.

The spaces are designed for the needs of team and individual work

When Reima moved to Aviabulevardi, the office buildings had just been completed. The design of the completely new spaces took into account the needs of modern team and individual work from the start. The open office has designated places only for those who need them due to the nature of their work and their work tools, such as those working at large special display screens.

– Most have access to a mobile workstation, which is chosen anew every workday, Shemeikka continues.

The staff’s wishes include relaxed meeting places

In terms of hybrid work, the company has been a pioneer. Remote work has always been possible, as it brings flexibility and accessibility among colleagues working in different time zones. Since Teams collaboration was already familiar, there was no need to change operating models even during exceptional times.

However, a survey aimed at the staff opened up wishes regarding the spaces when the office was being renewed for post-COVID work. Since hybrid work is here to stay, some of the open office workstations were removed. In their place, casual sofa groups were brought in for meetings and informal work.

– It’s important to ask the teams what they wish for regarding the spaces. According to the survey, people want to come to the office to meet colleagues, share thoughts, and ideas in a more relaxed setting. Workshops work better face-to-face than in Teams meetings.

Services in the office building and surrounding area

Important spaces for business operations also include Reima’s showrooms – exhibition spaces where future season collections are presented to customers, retailers, and partners. Aviabulevardi’s rentable meeting rooms have been reserved for other meetings as needed.

The lunch restaurant’s services have been utilized in staff events, such as communal breakfasts and the festive get-together gathering. There are more lunch spots near Aviabulevardi, so there are options for the workweek.

Reima continues its valuable mission of getting children around the world moving from Vantaa, Finland.